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FIYTA and Beijing Watches Factory enter into Joint Venture Agreement - hands shaking

FIYTA and Beijing Watch Factory enter into Joint Venture Agreement

FIYTA Holdings Ltd., a publicly listed watch company based in southern China, recently announced it will enter into a joint venture with the Beijing Watch Factory Co. Ltd. for the development of watch components and watch movements. The signing of the agreement marks a significant milestone for the two organisations.
Tianjin SeaGull Bi-axial Tourbillon

Tianjin Sea-Gull receives Singapore Patent for their Bi-axial Tourbillon

Tianjin Sea-Gull, the prominent Chinese watch and watch movement manufacturer has been successfully awarded a patent from the Registry of Patents Singapore for their Bi-axial Tourbillon mechanical watch mechanism. Also known as the ST85 or by its prototype name the ‘Wing tourbillon’, the Sea-Gull Bi-axial Tourbillon incorporates a three-dimensional rotating escapement.

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Sony smartwatch

Smartwatches – friend or foe?

Has the unveiling of the latest generation smartwatches signalled doom and gloom for the wristwatch as we currently know it? Are they a genuine threat to the well-established watchmaking industry that we watch enthusiasts know and love? Will they turn out to be a complete fizzer, relegated to a niche market, or become a huge global industry?
Watch hands with mechanism

What should I ‘know’ about my mechanical watch?

A watch movement is the inner mechanism of a watch that keeps time and powers all aspects of the watch. The two predominant watch movement types are mechanical and quartz. While quartz watches currently enjoy a much larger market share, mechanical watches are now seeing a significant uptake in popularity, particularly with watch lovers that appreciate the tradition, skill and craftsmanship that they personify. This articles explores several basic features of the "mech", demystifying the jargon and explaining the lingo to turn you into the hot shot horologist at your next dinner party!
Mechanical watch mechanism rear view

Mechanical versus Quartz

Much has been said about the pros and cons of the two dominant watch movement types – mechanical and quartz......but what are they? What is the difference and which one should I go for? This article explores the virtues of these differing watch types, taking you on a journey through time and technology....
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Sea-Gull ST8520G 3D Bi-axial “Wing Tourbillon” in 18K Rose Gold

Sea-Gull's ST8520G 3D Bi-axial “Wing Tourbillon” in 18K Rose Gold timepiece

It is now around twenty years since several leading Chinese timepiece manufacturers started working on prototypes for their own version of the esteemed tourbillon mechanical watch movement, with their first production grade tourbillons hitting the market in the early 2000’s. The Sea-Gull ST8520G limited edition timepiece in 18K Rose Gold with its patented 3D bi-axial tourbillon, also known as the “Wing Tourbillon”, is arguably one of their most exquisite and technologically sophisticated timepieces to-date.
FIYTA GA8488.BBB Photographer Collection

FIYTA’s Photographer GA8488.BBB and GA8490.BBB and Mastercraft “3D” GA8606.BBB models redefine the art of time reading

Thought you had seen everything when it comes to exciting new watch designs? This latest series of stunning timepieces from the prominent Chinese watch band FIYTA, including the Photographer Collection GA8488.BBB and GA8490.BBB for the photographer enthusiast and the “3D” Mastercraft Collection GA8606.BBB, show that innovation flourishes in the Land of the Dragon.
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